Hi everybody,

Today I came across a problem regarding dom0 partitioning and domUs.

We run a SLES11 based XEN Server on which we host 3 domUs. Today one of
my colleagues tried to add a new domU for some testing and nearly
deleted our productive Web Server in the process.
This happened because the the Partition of said Webserver dom0 is
marked as "free" if you look in Yast/Partition Manager under "unused
devices". Normally this isn't much of a problem, as long as you keep a
documentation somewhere about the Server's configuration, keeping it up
to date, everybody else knows about that and reads it before trying to
modify something. However, it's quite messy, and it gets worse with
every new domU you add.

This all would be less of a problem if there would be a SAN or maybe
I-SCSI behind the data store. Unfortunately all I have is a neat smart
array controller and two arrays with each 500GB in size.

Anyway, I am looking for a more bullet proof approach on that.
Something that shows up in Yast's partition manager saying clearly to
keep your hands off. My first Idea was "Hey, great! LVM...". But then
the Kernel isn't able to boot from LVM boot partitions.
Next Idea was to mix a file device for my boot partition and using a
prepared LVM for the rest of the needed partitions. The best approach,
so far, but still quite ugly and

Does somebody have a decent solution that keeps the domU's
disks/Partitions a little more "encapsulated" and manageable regarding
the effort to move them to an new Server, some day?

Thanks in advance,


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