we got a tender today, and organization is looking for a Network
Performance Monitoring solution that has following capabilities:

> a. Have web browser interface with user name and Password
> Authentication. It should be
> possible to view topology maps, events, reports etc, in full graphical
> format using
> standard web browser that support java interfaces.
> b. System should be able to generate web-based reports including but not
> limited to alarms/
> assets/ configuration changes/connected/ unutilized ports
> c. Provide fault and performance management for multi-vendor TCP/IP
> networks
> d. Should have the ability to correlate event across the entire spectrum
> of infrastructure
> component that our critical routers, switches provided by heterogeneous
> vendors.
> e. Set thresholds to automatically escalate errors that exceed the
> threshold, Capability to
> obtain live intemet bandwidth graphs with finer details of inbound and
> outbound traffic
> flows, Capability to monitor any non-sanctioned applications that are
> consuming
> bandwidth.
> f. The solution must provide the following NetFlow based metrics:
> 1- Rate
> 2- Utilization
> 3- Byte count
> 4- Flow count
> 5- IP Conversation pairs
> 6- Protocol break down by host, link etc.
> g. Support dynamic object collections and auto discovery, the topology
> of the entire
> Network should be available in a single map, Provide accurate discovery
> of layer 3 and
> heterogeneous layer 2 switched networks for Ethemet, LANs and WANs, Must
> support
> use of seed files for discovering devices, Must support discovery of
> physical and logical
> connecti vity.
> h. The system must be capable of doing root cause analysis
> out-of-the-box, and in additional
> must allow for the ability to create custom rules to compliment the
> out-of-the-box
> functionality, this should be done using a GUI-interface without the
> requirement for
> pro gramming/ scri pting skills.
> 1.
> Should be able to provide management information to meet different
> personnel's
> requirement, from summary management report for senior IT management to
> detailed
> reports for engineering / trouble-shooting, and to real-time alerts for
> operations.
> J. Multiplatform support including support for virtualization (Solaris,
> AIX, Linux,
> Windows family, VMware vSphere/ESXi, Hyper- V etc.).
> k. Capability to provide data for service-level performance and
> availability monitoring
> dashboards that will consolidate real-time monitoring data as well as
> historical data, with
> drill-down capabilities to identify a problem's root cause
> 1. Provide a built-in Security for managing Access Rights
> m. The NMS must validate whether a firmware of as upgrade has been
> successful or not. If
> a firmware upgrade being applied to a group of devices fails, the NMS
> must be able to
> automatically stop the group process and alert an administrator.
> n. Should provide Servers Hardware Performance monitoring, Database
> Monitoring and
> Storage Performance Monitoring along with Network Performance
> Monitoring.

Please recommend/suggest


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