magic31;2153344 Wrote:
> Other than SLES 11 SP1 having the optimized drivers in the kernel (so
> there are not directly packages you can check that I know of).
> Mouse issue, not that I noticed... But so far I have only worked with
> one HyperV setup that had two SLES 11 SP1 servers (doing web/mysql
> services). That was working fine.
> Do make sure you are running with the latest SLES patches applied. For
> one there was an issue with the connection of the network interface
> dropping which was resolved in later kernel patches... and I also think
> drives for HyperV have been updated.
> You can use tools like bonnie, do some network benchmark tests and see
> if the performance is what you expect from it.
> Any specific issues you are seeing?
> Cheers,
> Willem

Hey guys,

I am shortly before running crazy with this mouse issue!

We are using Windows Server 2008r2 and installed SLES11SP1 in Hyper-V.
Everything works, except the mouse.

The SLES is uptodate, all novell patches are installed. What can be
done to activate the kernel module "Vmbus"?

'Citrix Project Satori' (

If I try to ./ the citrix satori, I get following message:

Vmbus driver not installed!
Please install it and rerun.


What can be done?

Greetings from Hamburg in Germany

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