I am trying to troubleshoot a issue with a SLES server we are trying to update. Server was SLES11sp1 and we updated it with yast2 wagon to sp3. The update process was about 90% done when it completely hung, no response from server at all, Eventually we had to power off. It didn't come back up the first time we rebooted, but we cycled it again and it booted fine. I did a zypper up on it and it showed 102 patches remaining to install. We took a snapshot again of it at this point and then let the patches start applying again. It downloaded them all and got to about the 5th patch and hung again, same way, the patch is was installing was hal-0.5.12-23.71.1. Does anyone have an idea why it would continue to hang on this patch. Server is a VMware virtual server as well. We did about 15 others in same type setup and had no issues.