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Thread: Samba 4.x to arrive with SLES12?

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    Samba 4.x to arrive with SLES12?

    Hi there,

    our performance tests showed, that samba 4.1 is by far a better throughput than samba 3.6.3 present in SLES 11 SP3.

    Therefore, we would like to know if samba 4.1 will be included in the upcoming SLES 12. seems to be confident about this: "SLES 12 will also sport the Samba 4.1 update to the clone of the Windows file system, and will important support the SMB 3.0 protocol embedded in Windows Server 2012."

    The provisional release notes say "This version of Samba delivers integration with Windows 7 Active Directory Domains.", which I don't quite understand: what should a "Windows 7 Active Directory Domains" actually be ?

    Anybody here (beta testers?) that can offer more definite information?

    Thanks and regards,

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