So far I have seen this issue on VMWare WS 7 and ESX 5. I haven't tested
on physical hardware yet but maybe the issue happens there as well, I
will try to test it.

Installed a default sles10sp4-64 (default kernel) in a VM and things
were fine, performance in Gnome is normal, i.e. desktop loads in a
normal time and apps start OK, terminal prompt can be shown almost
immediately etc.

I applied all current patches, but now, showing the desktop is much
slower, and launching any application (even terminal) takes *much*
longer for the first-time launch. e.g. terminal can take several seconds
to launch the first time, but is faster thereafter. "top" shows high CPU
util of related processes (whichever process I happen to be launching).

I haven't done much testing at a text console (i.e. outside of the GUI)
so I can't say if the performance issue is a global one or just confined
to the GUI environment.

Thanks if anyone has any hints, and I will try to test on physical
hardware as well.

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