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Thread: The MOVE from Netware to Suse (File Server Configuration)

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  1. The MOVE from Netware to Suse (File Server Configuration)

    Hi Everyone!

    So, I am finally moving from Netware to SuSE for File Server Services.

    Presently, on A Netware 6.5 SP8 box we would create a Volume, add files to folder on that Volume and manage access and mapping with ConsoleOne. This may not have been the best method to share files and folders on a network, but it worked perfectly fine for over 12+ years (They started with NetWare 4).

    How does this all work with a Linux SuSe SP2?

    1) Should I create a SUSE File Server with a NAS configuration or something else?

    2) Is it a best practice to create a separate Virtual Disk (vmware) in lieu of a Volume?

    3) If moving the files and folders from the Netware box to a SUSe box is successful, Will the end user notice any changes?

    4) Will I loose any control managing access to folders and files with iManager or will I use another Management method?

    Thanks for your help.
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