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Thread: Initial install boot issue.

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    Question Initial install boot issue.


    I am very new to SUSE so forgive me if my information seems a bit patchy. Please ask for more information if required and I will do my best to provide it.

    I am trying to install SUSE LES V11 SP3 x86_64 onto a virtual machine through Red Hat Virtualisation Manager.
    I have mounted the iso file for it to our Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Manager; I have set initial boot to CD-ROM as I would with any other iso image and am able to select the iso image from the 'attach a CD' option.
    Everything seems fine until I try to launch the VM through VNC. I input the IP:Port and the randomly generated password but instead of connecting to the install screen for SUSE it simply generates a QEMU window that says 'Booting from local disk...' and nothing more. I am unable to type any command into this window and all I can do is close it.

    I really hope someone can help.
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