Hi Achim,

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I have changed the SCSI controller from LSI to PARAVIRTUAL for my VMware virtual machine. Now I have the problem that changing the controller has also changed the sd names of my harddisks.

I know that it was possible to define udev rules to configure persistent names. But I couldn't find any information how I should identify an UUID in SLES11 SP3 to use it in the rules.

Any idea?

Thank you!
Hi Achim,

as such persistent names are already set up per default (albeit not as /dev/sd*), you might look into using names from i.e. /dev/disk/by-uuid (which makes the name persist to the uuid of the file system) or /dev/disk/by-label (persist to the label given to the file system).

Persisting to the hardware device would be possible, too (/dev/disk/by-path) - but as you changed just that, it wouldn't have helped in your case