Once the build command it's finished, assuming it successfully builds
everything, it will tell you where the rpm it has built is located. Then
you need to install that RPM.

$ sudo rpm -ivh /path/to/the/rpm/multimediacodecs-1.0-release-number-here.rpm


If it doesn't work with sudo, use su then run the rpm command.
You'll also need to log out and in again before you can use the new

The build script builds everything in the directory called built and
leaves everything there in case you want to do something with that
instead of using the rpm. (This allows you to use it on a system where
you do not have root access and hence can't install the rpm.) Using the
rpm is the easiest option though assuming you have root, which you do.

The build command, assuming it successfully builds everything, also
tells you: "Now read the 'AFTER BUILD HAS FINISHED' section in

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