I'm new to SLES but not Linux in general. I have a server installed that I would like to be a frontend to active directory. Basically, I want it to offer login to clients connecting to the SLES server, and have that data be populated by AD.

My question is where to configure this. I see two places in YaST, one is the LDAP server configuration. There, I can set the server to be an LDAP replication consumer. I was given the credentials to the server by the active directory administrator (whom is not me) and when I enter in the data, I get a critical extension unavailable error. I tried increasing the page size in /etc/ldap.conf but that did not help.

I found that also in YaST there is a Samba config tool, and it allows me to configure LDAP settings as well. If I enter the values I was given here, I do not get an error (but I'm also not sure what username/password to use to access the database).

Again, my question is which YaST module I should be using to accomplish what I'm seeking. Basically, I want the server to be a slave to AD.