I have a SLES 11SP3 setup with pacemaker and ocfs2. I'm currently trying to understand the entire setup (didn't install it) and ran into some issues understanding, where the mount-options of the ocfs2 come from. As far as I understand pacemaker all the configuration is done by the corresponding Ressource-Agents. In this case the ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem which lists "acl,noatime" in the crm configuration as file system options, which is fine.

However looking into /proc/mounts I see (of course) much more info, which seems to be ocfs2 specific. e.g.


Now to my question: I understand the parameters and I'm aware of what they are used from/why necessary. What I don't know is, where are theses parameters set besides of the crm configuration? Are they set automatically (by which daemon or script)?

It would be great if someone could lighten me up a bit.