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Thread: Fix for GLIBC bug 6530 available for SLES11?

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  1. Fix for GLIBC bug 6530 available for SLES11?

    There is a nasty printf bug in glibc ( that is fixed as of glibc 2.17.

    I have tried SLES11 (no SP), SLES11 SP1, SP2 and SP3 to no avail. No version has this bug fixed.

    Has anyone any idea if and when this can be fixed in SLES11? We have had a very bad incident at a very important customer due to this that caused a lot of trouble.

    I'd appreciate any hint. I would open a SR with Novell if need be but wanted to check first if this bug is planned to be fixed.

    Thanks and best regards,
    - Michael Kwasigroch, Intercope GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
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