I am trying to setup 4 machine cluster with SLES 11 SP3 and High Availability extension. This is first time I am attempting something like this.

Virtual IP is
and machine addresses are - sles01 - sles02 - sles03 - sles04

I want to use sles01 and sles02 as load balancers and sles03, sles04 as web server running apache.
Now I have cluster running but at the moment all four machines are running apache.

I used IPLB- Virtual Service Configuration to setup as virtual server and real servers as and with forward method as gate.

Now when I visit, I can see that the page is being served from as index.php in that server contain a line which output its IP address. When I put sles03 to standby and visit the url i expect it to serve page from sles04 but cluster now looks for that page on sles01 where it doesn't exist, and when I put sles01 on standby virtual ip points to sles02. page from sles04 is only served when all other machines are on standby in Pacemaker GUI.

I have a feeling that I m doing something wrong here but can't figure out.

Do I need to create separate clusters for load balancers and web servers?