Hi *

I'm currently having a look into the debugging posibilities of my SLES11SP3 setup with pacemaker and ocfs2. The problem I ran into is, that the manpage of ocfs2 mentions in the "DLM Debugging" section the sysfs path "/sys/kernel/debug/o2dlm/<uuid>/dlm_state" to be usefull, but the folder "o2dlm" is missing on my nodes.

Furthermore, using debugfs.ocfs2 the "dlm_locks" command shows the following output (the filesystem is mounted!)

debugfs: dlm_locks <M0000000000000000ac......
Could not open debug state for "C63DB913D6......".
Perhaps that OCFS2 file system is not mounted?
To me this looks somehow related, though I'm not sure.

Does anyone have an idea how to enable this o2dlm in sysfs?

Kind regards