On Wed, 01 Feb 2012 17:16:02 GMT
barkhoui <barkhoui@no-mx.forums.novell.com> wrote:

> Blarg, I get a "We're sorry, we are unable to complete the download at
> this time. There is no such download build in our system, or it once
> was but has been removed."

The above was for 64bit (x86_64), this one is for 32bit(x86)

As you didn't indicate arch...

So if you click the 'proceed to download' it's not working for you?

You can use wget to download the files?

wget --http-user=username --http-password=password 'DownloadURL1' 'DownloadURL2'
Else just download from another system and put on a usb device and
place in a directory. Then in YaST software repositories you can create
a 'plain rmp' directory to install from.

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