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I have installed 5 different instances of openSUSE 13.1 and none of them have the ability to manually lock the screen; 3 of them do not lock the screens when they blank, I had to manually run gnome-screensaver-command and then gnome-screensaver to lock it when it blanks.
I advise you post on the openSUSE forums about that. As I said, I've never had a problem with locking the screen whilst using GNOME in openSUSE 13.1 or SLED 12 Beta.

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I should NOT have to install a 3rd party addon to get basic security functionality from my desktop. Adding things through shell extensions have proven unreliable as they are not guaranteed to work with the next update: for example, I had a lock extension installed that worked to lock the screen one week then, after an update, it never worked again, no matter how many times I installed it.
Some GNOME Shell extensions may stop working as a result of changes made between GNOME Shell versions, e.g. 3.8 to 3.10, but I was under the impression they shouldn't stop working in minor version updates. Part of the point of a distro like SLED is that major versions of things generally don't change except in major releases (e.g. SLED 11 to SLED 12).

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Some people like Gnome 3, I and my family are among those who do not. I have been working with Linux since 1996 and have never hated the desktop experience until Gnome 3. I have written extensively to the developers to address its many shortcomings, much which have been written about by more knowledgeable people than myself and they told me: "We decide what we want and if you want to have input, give us feedback." I thought I was... and none of my "feedback" has ever been answered or addressed.

This is NOT commercial level support; nor do I have a tablet or touch screen interface; according to the developer with whom I spoke, they will continue to "simplify: the desktop user experience.
I'm a bit confused by your statement of how it's NOT commercial level support. I'm not sure exactly what you define as 'commercial level support', but I'd have thought that it would involve money. You give someone money, they provide you with support to resolve problems you are encountering with their product/service. As far as I can tell GNOME don't offer paid for support. Also your grievance seems to be that the GNOME developers didn't respond to your feedback and someone providing feedback, maybe I'm splitting hairs here, is not the same as someone requesting support. A support request requires an answer. Feedback doesn't require an answer. I'm sure the GNOME developers get a lot of feedback. It seems unrealistic to expect them to respond to everyone who provides it.

You don't mention having tried GNOME Classic as I suggested you do. GNOME Classic came to be as a result of people providing feedback.