malcolmlewis wrote:

> Looks like even the ground is upset about Marryatt's pay rise....

It makes me very angry with statements such as "It is sheer arrogance.
There seems to be no understanding of what people have gone through".
It just shows the absolute cluelessness.

I have no problem with him getting a pay rise to bring him up to
comparable rates, and I strongly believe that given unusual
circumstances that overall the council have done a remarkable job - and
without leadership I doubt there would have been enough cohesion to
bring basic services back on line relatively promptly. Response time
has decreased with each event, the responses have improved as more and
more resources are available.

The person leading this issue is trying to grab headlines again,
combined with certain members of the community taking the opportunity
when snap decisions have to be made to pursue their vendettas. It's

In these situations, no matter who is in charge they are going to be
****ed for their decisions, someone will always be unhappy.

Could the pay rise have been handled better, yes, definitely.

> that's another 4.8 at 8:28 am.....

Didn't feel that one - think I was cycling at the time - but there was
a nice 5 earlier on today.