Since this is my first post to this forum, with which I'm unfamiliar, I would like to start with three apologies:

- sorry if this is the wrong forum to post.
- sorry if the information I request is readily available elsewhere.
- sorry if the questions are very naive.

I'm looking to purchase a Xeon-based workstation for my laboratory for intensive data analysis. The analysis consists of both parallel and serial floating point operations on very large high-dimension arrays. My present budget will extend to 4-10-core uni-/dual- E5 Family processor system with 64-128 GB of ECC memory, and I'm looking to run SLES 11 SP3. I'm hoping to take advantage of the imminent introduction of LGA2011-3 socketed motherboards with DDR4 in combination with an E5-1xxx v3 or E5-2xxx v3 Xeon processor (Haswell-EP). However I have three questions in relation to SLES:

1. Does SLES provide a list approved workstation vendors within the U.K.?
2. Will SLES 12 be available by the end of Q3, when I intend to complete the purchase order?
3. It seems the standard kernel of SLES is old (3.0.x). Are kernel updates (to handle new machine instructions) permitted within the subscription model?