On 16/07/2014 20:54, pattymackay wrote:

> Decided I would do the upgrade/migration to sles11sp3/oes11sp2 (from
> sles11sp1/oes11) by booting from the dvd (rather than using yast2
> wagon). Hoping this fixes the above issues. I'll attempt this
> Thursday. Just an fyi

As I just said in my other reply, upgrading from OES11 directly to OES11
SP2 is only supported when done off-line via physical or network-based
media - see section 5.1 of OES11 Installation Guide[1].

If using physical media make sure that you use the combined OES11 SP2
with SLES11 SP3 DVD (to save swapping DVDs if using the separate SLES11
SP3 DVD) and if network-based install sources make sure you have both
SLES11 SP3 and OES11 SP2 available.

See section 5.4.4 of OES11 Installation Guide on how to use physical
media to upgrade off-line[2] (plus earlier sections for planning).

Oh and note that since OES is a Novell product you should really post in
one of Novell's OES-related forums @
rather than here (since these are SUSE's forums).


[1] https://www.novell.com/documentation...a/bhu19u7.html
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