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Thread: How to install VMware Tools Suse Linux Enterprise 11

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    How to install VMware Tools Suse Linux Enterprise 11

    Hi at all, i'm new in this forums.

    My problem is this:

    I have windows as host OS an I have installed VMware workstation 9.0 on it.

    As operating system guest I have installed linux CentOS distro and Suse Linux Enterprise 11 distro Teradata Express.

    On VMware also I have installed VMware Tools utility, simply through the following steps: menu bar --> VM --> Install VMWare Tools.

    Now, on CentOS distro, the copy & paste utility works fine!!!

    In Suse Linux Enterprise 11 the copy & paste utility does not works at all!

    I get message like this: "mount the virtual cd drive, launch a Terminal, and use tar to uncompress the installer. Then, execute to install VMWare Tools."

    Can anyone help me where I can find the file?
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