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Up to 25th July 2014, VMware offer anyone with VMware vSphere standard level or above a free Activation Code for 'SLES for VMware' hosts.

We've just applied. The 'Our Products' page on Novell.com now lists this Activation Code, but indicates its subscription expires on 19th April 2015. Is this expected? What happens regards to availability, our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA), and patches & updates after this date?

We've support for Novell OES with a Novell partner. Am I correct that no support is available for 'SLES for VMware' via Novell's own channels?
Hi mfairpo,

There has never been SUSE/Novell support for the 'SLES for VMWare' offering. This support has always been delivered directly from VMWare.

If you have downloaded/activated SLES for VMWare product before the 25th of July, you should also be receiving maintenance on this product from VMWare until the 25th of August 2016. Ofcourse, you may also make the decision to upgrade to regular SLES ofcourse and receive support from SUSE.

I hope this answers your questions ?

Best regards