My setup: student's lab PC running SLED11 SP3 with iPrint and home
directories on an NFSv3 server with automount configured. For energy
saving, patching, and cleaning up temporary file the system shut down at
night and start via WOL in the morning.

My problem: From time to time on one or the other system a
iprint-listener or iprint-listener-gui process keeps running even with
no user logged in. This effectively prevents umounting the home
directory as the process keeps an open file handle on /home/$USER. As a
result the shutdown process will hang.

An example:
First the system goes from init 5 to 3 in order to force a logout in
case a user is still logged in.
$ init 3
$ w
root 22065 22063 0 18:10 ? 00:00:00
$ mount | grep home on /home/alice type nfs
(rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,sloppy,addr= )
automount 3402 root 10u FIFO 253,3 0t0
41044 /var/run/autofs.fifo-home
automount 3402 root 11r DIR 0,22 0
13243 /home
iprint-li 12470 alice cwd DIR 0,24 16384
2358947 /home/alice (

So with alice already logged out her iprint-listener-gui process is
still active.

I tried to kill it prior to the shutdown command but with no good success:
$ /usr/bin/killall iprint-listener; /usr/bin/killall iprint-listener-gui
iprint-listener: no process found

My NFS mount options:
-fstype=nfs,noexec,nosuid,nodev,rw,auto,nouser,asyn c

I could switch to soft NFS mounts instead of hard ones, but this is not
considered to be really safe. Any other suggestions? How is the
iprint-listener started upon a gdm login? It should not survive a logout
or gdm shutdown in the first place.