Defect: After applying latest patches to SLES_11_SP3 and SLED_11_SP3, desktop machines (SLED) with user homedirs mounted from NFS server (SLES) are unable to run GNOME applications (including firefox)

Applications fail with error
GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are
that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS
locks due to a system crash. See for

Desktop system eventually freezes completely with symptoms similar to stale NFS filehandles (processes enter uninterruptible sleep, directories become inaccessible)
Other Software and Versions Being Used: MozillaFirefox-24.6.0esr-0.8.1

All software is installed and upgraded from standard SUSE repositories via 'zypper dup'
Steps to Duplicate: From KDE desktop: Run any GNOME application which uses GConf2

GNOME desktop: won't start.
Environment Description: 300+ SLED_11_SP3 desktop machines mounting ~2500 user home directories from SLES_11_SP3 servers

All machines updated with latest patches (specifically, kernel-default-3.0.101-0.35.1, glibc-2.11.3-17.66.1)
Problem Environment: Production
Testing Environment: Yes
Fix: Downgrade kernel to 3.0.101-0.31.1, glibc to 2.11.3-17.62.1 on DESKTOPS only. NFS files servers continue to run latest kernel-default-3.0.101-0.35.1

The glibc downgrade may be unnecessary, but I've got it working again and I don't have another maintenance window for a while.