On 08/23/2014 05:04 AM, aabdelkhalek wrote:
> Installing qt3-32bit solved the problem and I was able to launch the SW
> and connect to the internet. However the strange thing is that I was
> able to do that as root only! In fact, I had to be root just to install
> the SW!

That is not strange, that is normal. The only way to install system files
is as a user that controls the system, and that user is 'root'. Rights to
do that kind of thing can be delegated using things like 'sudo', but at
the end of the day the default ownership of both the locations for the
installed files from the package, as well as the package system and
package metadata, is owned exclusively by 'root', so you must escalate
privileges (to 'root') to do those things. This is the normal privilege
model of a secure OS.

Running the program is a bit less certain, since many programs can be run
as other users. This one, though, likely deals with hardware and system
configuration, which means playing with system files again and thus
another need to run temporarily as 'root' while setting things up. Often
things that need to work with networking hardware, such as the Network
Manager tool that lets an end user configure networking from the GUI, will
run as 'root' but provide an interface for a non-root user so that users
are not running as 'root' full time, even if some of their apps magically
have power to do system-wide things (like changing modem/NIC/VPN settings).

Good luck.

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