Long story short, we had a server RAID go down and had to send off for data recovery to get the basic files back. The company sent us the virtual machines that were on this server. I have those virtual machines on a new server and am trying to create a new virtual machine through virt-manager and just mount the disk from the backup. When going through the setup I hit "I have a disk or disk image with installed operating system" , use the default hardware layout, and then click on DISK and select the virtual machine file that I received from data recovery. When I hit OK to try and create all of this I get a "No Kernel Found. Installation may have been unsuccessful" error.

For what it's worth, I noticed after getting these virtual machines that they were showing that the journal was corrupted. I ran a e2fsck on the server that I'm trying to mount and it's still not working. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for your time.