Hello All, I would like to learn your ideas about increasing the performance on Xen.
I am no Linux expert yet, but learning a lot.

The setup is a SLES 11 xen host, with a 8 core opteron processor and 32 Gb memory.
But the results are not so great as I hoped.

The network setup are 3 x GB Nics, all bridged and about 10 vm's running

The companies main program is a Windows based program with database, which performs not as we want it to.
I tried to use the different VMDP drivers, even tried the GPLPV drivers.
Yes I did all the offloads. but to no use.

On file backup, I am getting like 4000 MB/s,
backing up the database from the main program, it is like maximum 3000 MB/s

My questions :
What are the speeds, everyone else is getting with windows VM's ?

I have not done any cpu pinning
How can I see if that is needed ?