Hi Jorge,

this is a typical case for a support request, if that option is available to you.

That error can occur if the system is loosing interrupts, there has been at least one severe problem with this, caused by a buggy firmware on Intel 55xx chipsets (http://kb.sp.parallels.com/en/121971)

I've found references to similar problems happening with the chipset your blades seem to have (Intel C600): https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugr...cgi?bug=721316

- Is it only that single blade that is affected? It might be a hardware problem then. Is this the first time this happened, or have you had this before?
- Check if the blade has the latest BIOS/firmware installed.
- Do you see any indicators of similar problems (spurious or missing interrupts, bad throughput, reports in the BMC log,...)?
- Is there a known (BIOS) configuration difference between the system affected and the other blades?

If this is a reproducible situation, try to see if the error persists when you

- move the vNIC to a different hardware interface
- do a factory reset of the blade's BIOS

What I read about that error so far lets me believe it is chipset-related and may be caused by hardware or software (firmware).