On 15/08/2014 11:21, dkamp wrote:

> I agree, except that when I look in the trash can that is on the desktop
> there is Nothing there.
> If I click View, select show hidden files, I can browse to /var and I do
> see .Trash-0 folder.
> My concern is that I cannot empty the trash and "everything" I delete
> stays there.
> This is the issue I had and my monitoring software (Nagios) was
> alerting me that /var was 87% full.
> How can I "Actually" delete something if it doesn't appear in the trash,
> (but does in the hidden .Trash-0) ?

What you can do is add a Delete option (in addition to "Move to
Wastebasket") so you can "bypass" trash - in Nautilus select Edit >
Preferences then under Wastebasket on the Behaviour tab tick "Include a
Delete command that bypasses Wastebasket".

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