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    Maybe more basics

    I've attended both SUSECons and plan to attend this year as well. One thing that I believe would be interesting is more basic information for administrators.

    How to create autoyast files with SLES 12?
    Bare metal installations with SUSE Manager 2.1. How to deploy a SLES VM and manage using SUSE Manager?
    Managing and best practices for Btrfs? Why use Btrfs?
    Open forum for discussions, any topic SLES related?
    How to run PHP web application with an Oracle database? We currently have to use Zend Server because I've never been successful installing the oci8 driver with SLES and stock PHP.
    Build RPM packages with rpmbuilder -
    SUSE Cloud and VMware - Self provision VMs for Developers
    SLES and Nagios monitoring - installing NRPE and plugins
    Integrate SLES and Active Directory using AD group membership for authorization and authentication.

    Topics along those lines that don't get too in depth but provide practical knowledge you can go back to your company with. Basics...for me we primarily use Windows. While our Web/PHP environments are growing we are starting to look at and implement more SUSE Linux. All the HA, Cloud, Mainframe stuff is cool but personally I get nothing out of those sessions. But that is just me.
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