Whilst many packages have support levels (described at 'SUSE Linux
Enterprise Desktop Supported Packages'
(http://support.novell.com/products/d...rted_packages/) )
listed for them, many packages have no support level listed. For

$ zypper info pidgin | grep '^Support Level'
Support Level: unknown

Can anyone enlighten me as to what this means in practice?

I'm also curious as to how it is decided what Support Level a package
is given. What's the logic in the pidgin package having a no support
level whilst pidgin-sipe is Level 3 and pidgin-otr is Level 2? What is
about kmines ("...the classical Minesweeper game where you have to find
mines by logical deduction") that merits Level 3 support?

What got me wondering about this is someone in my organisation pointing
at Secunia advisories from late August relating to pidgin which say you
should update to 2.10.0 and asking me how this affects our Linux
machines. Given that pidgin is included in SLED my initial reaction was
that any updates Novell deem necessary will appear in the Updates
channel. However the version of pidgin included in SLED 11 SP1 is 2.6.6
and last updated in December. Which suggests that maybe Novell aren't
hugely interested in keeping it up to date. I'm wondering if 'Support
Level: unknown' is intended to reflect this.

I would ask Novell directly about this but for reasons unknown that one
of my colleagues is trying to figure out, we haven't been able to raise
Service Requests for the last week or so.

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