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Thread: Not able to get dhcpv6 address on interface on SLES10-SP4

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    Not able to get dhcpv6 address on interface on SLES10-SP4


    I am using SLES10-SP4. Currently this server is having 3 interfaces and 2 of them are expected to get DHCPV6 addresses from the network.
    In my system I have installed dhclient4.2.4.P2-0.16.15.x86_64.rpm. But by doing rcnetwork restart, I could see in the log that dhclient is not running in ipv6 mode.
    As per ifcfg.template for SLES10-SP4 there are following options to give for BOOTPROTO variable.


    I am using BOOTPROTO='dhcp' in the ifcfg-eth* files.
    But when I am starting up network service only dhcpclient for ipv4 address is getting started.

    But manually if I am starting network by using dhclient -6 <interface_name> I am able to get dhcpv6 address.
    So somehow system is not starting dhclient in ipv6 mode.

    Please let me know what is the way to start network so that dhcpv6 client will be started automatically.

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