I have Winbind/Samba/LDAP configured for AD user authentication. I have some files in a directory that no longer have a file owner due to the AD account being deleted. The files owner are set as the UID of that old user account that was deleted. When I perform an " ls -l " on that directory, Winbind goes out to all domain controllers trying to match that UID to a user account in my domain which creates a major lag time when wanting to see a directory listing. I can see this happening by using the tcpdump feature. If I manually change the ownership of the files to a valid user in the domain, an " ls -l " is displayed right away.

I'm new to the Winbind/Samba/LDAP configuration and wondering how this can be resolved. We are currently migrating servers from HP-UX to SLES. HP-UX is using NIS and we do not experience this issue but we feel our current setup with Windbind..etc is a better fit for us at this point in time.

Has anyone run into this? My ending goal would be to have an " ls -l " display right away regardless if it can match a UID to the AD account or not.

Thanks in advance for any advice.