Well, I think we all know that - heehee. But here's the latest silliness.

Joe got a Mac on Saturday. He owns Photoshop CS5 for Windows. I actually own
the entire CS5 suite for Mac, and technically I can install it on two Macs, but
Joe doesn't need the entire suite, and you never know when you'll need to
install it again, right? So, since he owns a Windows license I get online and
do a chat to see if it can be swapped. I give the rep the serial number, etc.
and he sends me to a form for doing a "swap".

We first get an email back that it's being looked at, with standard verbage that
swaps can only be done within 30 days of purchase (it's been 13 months!), and
that the old software must be destroyed, etc. It was a download.

Yesterday we got the followup message. They cannot "swap" the product, because
it's been more than 30 days. They did offer though that Joe can "return" the
downloadable product for a refund, and then purchase a new copy. Huh? The two
products cost exactly the same. Now, if they wish to "prorate" some kind of
cost for the one year of usage, that will be interesting. I've asked them about
it. In any event, it just seems to me like it's a lot of "paperwork" to end up
with the same product in a different OS - heehee.

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