Hello All:
Recently, I just bought SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (1 Instance, Basic Maintenance, 1 Year).
I paid 50 bucks with my VISA card. And I want to buy the backup cd except the downloadable version.
I made two phone calls to 1-800-858-4000. One gave me the answer that 'suse.org' has that product.
The other told me why not download the iso file from what I have ordered.

Well, before my phone calls, I ever wrote emails to suse.en.cs@digitalriver.com and they told me
that I can buy a backup CD from the Order Details page. Well, I went there and I found the iso
files which I can download. Besides that, nothing more. I cannot order the backup CD.

You know, I just want to know how exactly I can get the backup CD. I tried to ask nicely from SUSE
and maybe they did not feel that due to my poor english. Anyone, please help. Thanks.