I work at walgreens corporate. I do environment management and recently build a dns server for use on a particular project.
It's been in place and working for a couple of months.
Recently an entry was added to an application server (running suse 10.2) to point first to my new dns server (suse 11.3) for reverse entry lookups via nslookup.
Subsequent to that change, an admin has begun to complain that ssh logins to that app server are no longer working and says it's due to the entry for my dns server being there.
I need some help figuring out how to prove that is or is not the case.
What I have done is shut down dns on my server and I personally still cannot login to the app server in question. I get the login prompt fine, so it's not firewall, but it's not accepting my password (reset yesterday for all unix/linux servers I have access to) with any ID I have.
So, again, I'm not at all convinced my dns server, nor the resolv.conf entry for it on the app server in question are in any way related to the ssh problem.
Any ideas?