So we have centurylink (qwest) for our phone service and long distance.

Things have been fine for years, but they're slowly slipping.

In the last month, they've made a change to how long distance codes are
assigned / unassigned. Of course, they did this without informing
anyone of the change, so I've had between 15 - 20 code changes in the
last month that never got done.

It used to be I would send an email to a monitored address with our
long distance account number and the code changes I needed done. Took
less than five minutes for even several code changes.

Their new way of handling this is for me to make a phone call, having
to tell them the account number, code number, person's name and
department. Then wait 5 minutes on the phone for a confirmation number
that the change has been made.

Just did one this way a little bit ago, spent *20* @#%^in minutes on
the phone................sigh. Oh, this was also after spending around
an hour getting the runaround as far as what number to even call to
make these changes. First one disconnected me if I did not know the
person's 7 digit extension. Second one was for residential, not
business, and this guy had no idea what a long distance code even was.

The way people are abandoning them for different carriers, etc, you
think they'd make things easier to accomplish and not give so much of a
runaround........... just my two cents. I'll get off my high horse now.