Hello suse community,

after a loooong experience with highs and lows with microsoft, i decided to give linux another try.
I managed to install SLED 11SP3 on my HP Workstation Z1 with nvidia card.
I also tried latest versions of SLED 12, opensuse, linux mint and ubuntu. With none of them i had 100% working machine.
Most of them had no support for dimming the backlight. I tried a lot of things activating xbacklight ... none worked good.
With all distros and working workarounds there was a high pitch noise when diming the screen...except SLED11SP3.
Here the diming works as it should. After a lot of reading and trying i think it is a kernel bug.
So i will remain on my version 11 with suse, with a 60 days try time.
Does that mean that i have 60 days time to update the system with the latest patches?
When i search for new updates in yast there are "0", but firefox browser is version 31.4.0.
Why does it not get updatet?
What repository should i add to get more software like vlc player, because i don't know how to install b2z packed software corectly.
Thanks for helping.