We run SLES 11 SP2 because we are a Novell GroupWise customer, and at the moment, we only have these servers to allow us to run the mobility pack for Email sync with GroupWise.
That said, we will be deploying GroupWise 2014 onto SLES at some point in the future. It's fair to say my skills on SLES/Linux are near nill!
I've ran the online update on our server, and installed all updates (as per article 7015702 - used 'zypper up'). I'd assumed this would have me all set with the latest fixes and versions, but more specifically the recent BASH vulnerabilities. But it's now reporting I'm on the latest version - bash-3.2-
But in article CVE-2014-7169 it states the version 3.2-

How do I ensure I am definitely all up to date? Can I manually install this or is there something that needs to be done with the update repositories?

I have active GroupWise maintenance, which covers the use of SLES for use with GroupWise, so I'd hope that entitles me to all updates - surely?

Thanks in advance, Alan