I have installed SLED SP3 on an HP Elitedesk 800 G1 PC but it does not produce any sound. When I go to the YAST2 Sound Configuration module I see two sound cards listed:

0 Haswell HD Audio Controller
1 Lynx Point High Definition Audio Controller

If I play the test sound on card 0, nothing happens. If I play the test sound on card 1 I get audio. The solution would seem to be make card 1 the default (i.e. change it to card 0) but when I do this it stops working and only the new card 1 will produce audio! It seems that both audio cards work, but only when they are number 1 on the list. As all the system sounds default to card 0 that is why I am not getting any sound.

I have tried deleting one of the cards so that I only have one in the list but again, when I do that I get no audio.

Can anyone recommend a solution to this problem? Is there anyway to make the system sounds default to whatever is card 1?

Advice would be MUCH appreciated.