Hi friends,

I have a SLES 11 SP2 (x86_64) server, which is required for security reasons to never, never, never ever have network access to the internet. Therefore it is not possible to apply patches via YaST online update.

I have a support account, so I have access to the patches, but there are approx. 700 of 'em and it would be a deadly heap of work to d/l each of 'em manually - even when I use a d/l manager for each task. Unfortunately I havn't found a way to d/l all the patches in one piece to create a patch CD/DVD/BluRay for offline patching (even while YaST allows that way of patching).

I had an old HP-UX-machine in service where exactly that task was really simple:

  • run an assessment script
  • upload the resulting machine status file
  • gett all applicable patches displayed
  • choose which patches to d/l
  • d/l all the patches as bundle in a tar.gz file
  • expand that archive to disc, CD, netdir
  • run a simple shell command and wait till completed

Is there any way to d/l allcurrent patches for a given SLES release and burn them together on a CD for offline patching with YaST (or zypper) ??