New to SUSE and non-debian distros, so pardon my ignorance if apparent!

I created a flash drive:
sudo umount /dev/sdc1
sudo dd if=/home/matt/Downloads/SLE-12-Desktop-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso of=/dev/sdc oflag=direct bs=1048576

After turning off Secure Boot and turning on Launch CSM in the bios, I can select the flash drive to boot. Everything appears to come up fine: logo, menu and all -- just like in my VM install (which succeeded). If I select to either 1) test the installation media or 2) rescue system, the kernel loads, then the green bar runs across the bottom of the screen. Hitting escape it goes through 1-5 of 5 on Loading Installation System, then immediately after the screen goes black except for a few pixels in the bottom left (white) and the caps lock LED starts flashing. There is no option but to hold the power button.

I can't find any comment on this but some old ubuntu posts about caps lock key flashing, which are totally irrelevant.

The same thing happens with openSUSE 13.2 (flashing caps lock and black screen).

I can boot into SUSE rescue mode on an older laptop with the same flash drive. The bios is configured the same on both machines. (Works on an ASUS UX31, failing on an ASUS UX301.)

If I do the same process with a debian distro, it all works fine.... I can boot/live image/rescue/install. I must be missing something for SUSE. Where am I going wrong?

Thanks! Matt