this is my first post here. As I have to reinstall a system which recently crashed, I need the install disks/ISOs (latter are preferred) for SLES 8 for AMD64/x86-64. Novell are no longer offering them for download, so does anyone know where I can find the set of four ISOs? According to them, the files are named as follows:

150eeca50aa2f2a7bafab47ddfeb9dd2 SLES-8-x86-64-RC7-CD1.iso
9164796c9618fcf3a65c499153fdf347 UnitedLinux-1.0-x86-64-RC7-CD1.iso
a2ce6d9abda9232a3328595b0ee4feb3 UnitedLinux-1.0-x86-64-RC7-CD2.iso
491887b1f6b75d2fbff406dacd632570 UnitedLinux-1.0-x86-64-RC7-CD3.iso

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!