Hi ynswati,
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About to connect() to proxy 173.x.x.x port 443 (#0)
Trying 173.x.x.x....
Connected to 173.x.x.x. (173.x.x.x) port 443 (#0)
Establish HTTP proxy tunnel to secure-www.novell.com:443
Proxy CONNECT aborted
Closing connection #0
what type of proxy is that, and how did it's admin set up the access to the proxy for HTTPS?

Usually, for non-transperent proxies, some dedicated proxy port is configured and needs to be used by the clients (and hence configured in your proxy URL) - i.e. Squid typically uses 3128, so you'd have to specify "HTTPS_PROXY=http://your.proxy.machine.name.com:3128". But there are many different port numbering approaches, so see your proxy admin for details.

It might also be a case where in the proxy, using the "CONNECT" method isn't allowed or needs client authentication to the proxy. Again, ask your proxy admin for the specifics of your proxy's setup.