Hello, sorry fpr my bad english, i am not a natural english speaker.
My problem is very difficult:

we have a software that scan a hugh of files to check the modification date of the files, if the file modificated we copy this in a other directory and process the file ...
But the problem is,there are many data, more than 70000 directorys with ca. 20-50 files.

On SLES 10 SP3 there are no problem, believe me ;-)
After a upgrade to SLES 11 SP3 , no inplace upgrade, a new installation and backup Data ... the decribed program generated a hugh IO-load it screatched on the hard disk, so that it slows down the server.
i optimized with ionice the program, but it is not the solution.

Which may have changed in SLES? what chance I have to find the problem?
My guess, a "harddrive read cache" in Linux was disabled!!!

does anyone have a clue or idea?

Thanks for help!