I've installed NoMachine's 'NX Free edition server'
(http://www.nomachine.com/download-pa...p?Prod_Id=3504) (client,
node, server RPMS) and it works fine to connect to a new "Desktop->Unix:
GNOME" session remotely using NoMachine's client.

I'd really like to connect to existing sessions using the
"Desktop->Shadow" setting on in the client. Anyone have experience with
this? I have it working on Ubuntu after setting
-EnableFullDesktopSharing = "1"- in /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg and ensuring
the client has "Display->As on the server" set. But on SLED 11.1, the
client seems to drop the connection some time after it shows my running
'Local display' session and I click 'Attach'.

The client logs just seem to indicate the connection dropped and I
can't figure out where NX keeps its server logs (or if it makes any).

Anyone have experience with this and know what I'm missing?

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