Hi all,

I'm trying Suse Manager out and think it's working fairly ok.
My Suse manager server is sitting on a public ip in a datacenter behind a firewall. My test clients are sitting on a other location behind a firewall that only has one ip and is doing ip masqurading for all traffic going out from that network.
Of my 3 test server two connects allright when I register them but one gives a error when register. The server that fails throws this error
* registering
An error has occurred:
Error communicating with server. The message was:
Connection timed out on readline
See /var/log/up2date for more information "
The server ends up in the Suse Manager interface as a registered but never check in again.
I have manually updated server with latest patches, the server can connect over http and https.
It sles11sp3/oes11sp2 (fully patched), when I capture some traffic with wireshark I see multiple TLSv1 encryption alert from server and right after that a tcp rst from client. Don't know if that causing the timeout, since other clients works fine with the certificate and bootstrap comman I think it shoul be allright.
Any suggestions?