I see that presentations are available for download for some, if not
most, sessions. Is this it or are there more still to be added?

The reason for asking is that there are several sessions I either
attended or wanted to attend for which I would now like the
presentations (actually I would've liked them before the session so I
could form questions or even to help decide whether to attend session in
first place).

Some example sessions missing downloads:

* FUT7499 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Roadmap: Live Kernel
Patching using kGraft
* FUT7615 - SUSE Linux Enterprise 12: What's New?
* TUT8148 - Upgrading to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

I know there were slides for the last session listed as I attended that one.

Whilst the presenters may not mind being contacted I'm sure they could
do without the same "please can you send me the slides from your SUSECon
session" questions.

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