I started the first VNC session and select -> Applications - System Tools - Settings - Sharing. I turn on screen Sharing and Remote Login and save the settings. Next I start the second VNC session and logon. The session starts to open and then is gracefully close. In /var/log/messages for the first VNC session the only odd events are of missing desktop files. There are several: i.e.2015-01-21T15:21:46.674352-05:00 linux140 org.gnome.ControlCenter.SearchProvider[5911]: ** (process:6019): WARNING **: Ignoring broken panel color (missing desktop file). In /var/log/messages for the second VNC session it goes well until this message: 2015-01-21T15:28:45.817355-05:00 linux140 gnome-session[6203]: WARNING: Failed to acquire org.gnome.SessionManager
2015-01-21T15:28:45.819071-05:00 linux140 gdm-password]: pam_unix(gdm-password:session): session closed for user Michael. Not sure where to go from here. Also, is there a method to attach files to these posts? Thanks in advance.