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mikewillis;25575 Wrote:
> Can you contact HP to ask them if there's a driver for SP3?
> Is there source available?
> What is the url of the page on the HP site you mention?

There is a source package but I am not able to locate it! malcolmlewis
found it and he tried building it as in the below post but unfortunately
it didn't solve the problem


The HP link is below as well it is under driver-network. The bluetooth
and the WLAN have the same name rt3920 so I thought if I reinstalled the
WLAN driver that would include the bluetooth one as well.


I'm not sure how to contact them! I tried before for the SLED11 SP3
upgrade and I got no response!


It may just be the firmware required, do you see anything in the output
from dmesg about firmware?

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